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Mirage Pokémon

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* {{p|Mew}} was the only holographic Pokémon who had a heart and who wasn't able to be controlled.
* "Mirage Pokémon" also refers to [[Legendary Pokémon]] and {{p|Mew}} in particular, though this is mainly a coincidence. In Japanese, the term used for Legendary Pokémon is '''まぼろしの ポケモン''' ''illusory Pokémon'', using the Japanese word ''"maboroshi"''; meanwhile, Yung's mirages are '''ミラージュポケモン''' ''mirage Pokémon'', which uses the English word "mirage."
* Even though the Mirage Pokémon are often described as holograms, both they and their attacks are made of actual {{wp|matter}} rather than light.
==In other languages==
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