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In [[SM089]], Gozu and the rest of the Matori Matrix witnessed the [[Ultra Guardians]] and Lunala head inside an Ultra Wormhole and attempted to pursue them, only to be stopped by [[Professor Kukui]] and [[Faba]]. Gozu, along with several {{tc|Team Rocket Grunt}}s, headed down to [[Ten Carat Hill]] to face the duo. There, Gozu used his {{me|Aggron}} to easily defeat Kukui's {{p|Braviary}} and Faba's {{p|Hypno}} and {{p|Alakazam}}.
Gozu reappeared again [[SM090]], where Professor Kukui was able to defeat his Aggron with {{pTP|Professor Kukui|Incineroar}}. Upon learning that repairs to the aircraft were complete, he returned there and had it head into the Ultra Wormhole. However, the aircraft was attacked by {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Tapu Koko}}, forcing the Matori Matrix to retreat.
|desc={{p|Aggron}} is Gozu's only known Pokémon. It can [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolve]] into a Mega Aggron with its [[Aggronite]]. It was first seen when Gozu sent it out to battle {{an|Professor Kukui}} and [[Faba]] and easily defeated their Pokémon with a single {{m|Heavy Slam}}. It reappeared in [[SM090]], where it was defeated by Kukui's {{pTP|Professor Kukui|Incineroar}}.
Aggron's known moves are {{m|Heavy Slam}} and {{m|Flash Cannon}}.}}