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Professor Kukui (anime)

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The Masked Royal reappeared in [[SM081]]. He went up against [[Mad Boober]], but interfering dirty tactics used by the [[Revengers]] caused him to nearly lose. Realizing this, Ash and Torracat teamed up with him, and they battled [[Mr. Elec]] and Mad Boober. Despite continued interference, they were able to defeat their opponents.
After the Ultra Guardians left for [[Ultra Space]] with a fully recovered Lunala in [[SM089]], Professor Kukui and Faba volunteered to aid them. On [[Ten Carat Hill]], he and Faba confronted the Matori Matrix by using their Pokémon to damage the team's airship and prevent them from entering the Ultra Wormhole. Afterwards, Kukui and Faba faced [[Gozu]] and his {{me|Aggron}} in battle, but their Pokémon were swiftly beaten. [[SM090|Following that]], he sent out his {{p|Incineroar}} and performed the Z-Move to defeateddefeat {{me|Aggron}}. However, that blow his cover as his alias was discovered by [[Faba]]. Later alongside Incineroar and Faba, Kukui joined the rest of Alola in showering {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Necrozma}} with light so it could return to its normal form.