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{{Ash}}, {{an|Misty}}, and {{an|Brock}} are walkingwalk through a forest, headed for [[Johto]]'s [[Violet City]], where Ash planshopes to challengeearn thehis localfirst [[Falkner|GymJohto LeaderLeague]] for a [[Badge]]. WhileThey walking,soon thestop groupand comesnotice acrossthat a partseveral of the forest where the trees haveare nomissing their leaves. ThisBrock confoundsnotes thethat group;their Brockappears mentionsto thatbe thereno aredamage. noSuddenly signs{{AP|Pikachu}} ofsuddenly damagespots toa the[[horde]] trees,of normysterious isPokémon itclamped theonto righta seasonhealthy fortree thetrunk. leavesAsh's to[[Pokédex]] beconfirms fallingtheir off.identity as {{APp|PikachuHeracross}}, suddenlymentioning spotstheir docile somethingnature, great strength, and thetheir grouppreferred noticesfood: atree singlesap. large,Thinking healthyhe can catch some new Pokémon and save the tree amongat the dead-lookingsame treestime, oneAsh whichgoes hasto athrow numberhis of[[Poké Ball]]. largeHowever, darka bug-likevoice Pokémonbehind clampedhim ontotells itshim trunkto stop. AThe closertrio lookturn revealsaround thatto thesee Pokémona areman lapping upin a goldenred substanceuniform, who warns Ash that iscatching leakingthe fromHeracross will only cause more damage to the trunkforest.
MistyThe expressesman herintroduces disgusthimself in the bug Pokémon, while Ash brings out his newas [[PokédexWoodruff]], anda scansforest themranger. The Pokédex identifiesAfter the Pokémongroup asintroduce {{p|Heracross}}themselves, mentioningWoodruff theirexplains docilethat nature,the greatHeracross strength,are andimportant theirto preferredthe food:forest's treenatural sapbalance. Ash,It thinkingturns out that thethey treeshare isa in{{wp|symbiosis|symbiotic dangerrelationship}} from all ofwith the Heracrosslocal feeding{{p|Butterfree}} onpopulation, itswho sap,also wantsfeed toon catchsap thembut allare andtoo tryweak to savebreak into the tree. Beforetrunk heto can toss a [[Poké Ball]], however, a voice behind him tells himget to stopit. Ash,The Misty,more andpowerful BrockHeracross turndig aroundinto tothe seetrunk ato manstart inthe asap red uniformflow, whoeats tellstheir himfill, thatthen catchingallow the HeracrossButterfree willto onlycome causeand more damage to the forestfeed.
Misty is worried that both the Heracross and Butterfree are hurting the forest, looking up at the dying trees. Woodruff tells the group that the balance of nature in the forest was broken by "invaders". Pikachu's ears twitch as a large herd of {{p|Pinsir}} stampede toward the tree. Woodruff identifies the Pinsir as the "invaders" as the {{t|Bug}} Pokémon leap onto the tree trunk and scare away the Butterfree. Ash yells at the Pinsir to leave the other Pokémon alone, while Misty demands that the Heracross do something about it. In unison, the Heracross fly up and attack the Pinsir, while Ash and Misty cheer them on. However, the Heracross are easily scared off by the Pinsir's massive pincers, and fly away. Woodruff tells the group that the Heracross are too peaceful to have any desire to take on the Pinsir; this worries Brock, who says that the forest will surely be destroyed if the Heracross don't do something to prevent it.
TheAsh mannotices introducesa himselfButterfree asstill [[Woodruff]],trapped aup forestin ranger.the branches Afterof the grouptree introduceby themselves,the Woodruffmarauding goesPinsir. onA tosingle explainHeracross howpops importantup thein Heracrossfront areof the Pinsir to defend the forest.Butterfree, Itand turnsis outquickly set upon by their giant, spiked pincers. Ash, upset that theyHeracross shareis abeing symbioticganged relationshipup withon, thejumps localin to help it, and sends out {{pAP|ButterfreeBulbasaur}}. population,One who{{m|Vine alsoWhip}} feedattack ontakes sapout butall areof toothe weakPinsir, toand breakButterfree intosoon flies away; however, the treeHeracross trunkis totoo gettired to itfollow. The morePinsir powerfulregroup Heracrossand digsstart an ascent intoup the tree trunk, which Ash quickly puts to starta thestop sapby flow,having eatsPikachu theiruse fill{{m|Thunderbolt}}. The Heracross looks on while Ash defends it, thenwatching allowas Ash's Pikachu defeats the Butterfreelot towith comea {{m|Thunder}} attack and feed.sends them packing.
Misty is worried that both the Heracross and Butterfree are hurting the forest, looking up at the dying trees. Woodruff tells the group that the balance of nature in the forest was broken by "invaders". Pikachu perks up, noticing something different, and turns around to point out something headed their way.
AAt largeAsh's herdall-clear, ofthe {{p|Pinsir}}Heracross isflies stampedingdown towardand theapproaches tree.Ash's WoodruffBulbasaur identifiesand thePikachu. PinsirAsh asthinks thethat "invaders"it aswants theto bugthank his Pokémon; leaphowever, ontoHeracross thebegins treeto trunksuck andforcefully scare awayon the Butterfree.opening Ashof yellsBulbasaur's atbulb, thecausing PinsirBulbasaur tosome leavedegree theof otherpain Pokémonas alone,it whiledrains Mistyhis demandspollen. thatBulbasaur theknocks Heracross dooff somethingwith abouta it.strong Invine unisonwhip, sending him sprawling on his back in the Heracrossgrass. flyWhile upthe andgroup muses over whether or not Heracross was attackprotecting the PinsirButterfree or its food source, whileWoodruff Ashis andworried Mistyabout cheerthe themPinsir onpossibly coming back. However,He mentions that the HeracrossPinsir arelive easilyin scaredthe offforest byon the Pinsir'sopposite massiveside pincersof a river, and flythat away.something Woodruffhas tellsbeen causing them to cross the groupriver thatand invade the Heracross areterritory. tooMisty, peacefuldue to haveher anyfear desireof tobug takePokémon, onwould rather leave the Pinsir;problem thisto worriesitself Brockand move on, whobut saysAsh thatand theBrock forestwant willto surelyhelp beWoodruff destroyedand ifsave the Heracrossforest. don'tWoodruff do somethingbegins to preventlead itthem toward the Pinsir territory.
While Ash's noticesBulbasaur aclears Butterfreethe thatpath wasahead leftusing behind{{m|Razor Leaf}}, trappedAsh up innotices the branchesHeracross offollowing thethem. treeAsh bywonders the marauding Pinsir. A singleif Heracross pops up in front of thewants Pinsirhim to defendprotect the Butterfreeit, andbut isMisty quicklyreminds set upon by their giant, spiked pincers. Ash, upsethim that the Heracross isliked beingBulbasaur's gangednectar. upHearing onthis, jumpsBulbasaur in to help it,turns and sendsconfronts out {{AP|Bulbasaur}}. One {{m|Vine Whip}} attack takes out all of the PinsirHeracross, andslinging thea ButterfreeRazor fliesLeaf away;at however, the Heracross is too tiredit to follow. The Pinsir regroup and start an ascent up the tree trunk, which Ash quickly putstry to ascare stopit by having Pikachu use {{m|Thunderbolt}}off. TheWhen Heracross looks onup, while Ash defends itconfused, watching as Ash's Pikachu defeats the lotgroup withis afurther {{m|Thunder}}away attackdown and sends themthe packingpath.
AtOnce Ash'sout all-clear,of the Heracrosswoods, fliesAsh downrecalls andBulbasaur. The group approaches Ash'sa Bulbasaurdeep andgorge Pikachu.which Ashthe thinksriver thatruns itthrough. Woodruff calls wantsattention to thanka hisrope Pokémon;bridge however,that Heracrosshe beginsuses to suckcross, forcefullyonly onto thefind openingthat ofthe Bulbasaur'sbridge bulb,is causingdown. BulbasaurLooking someinto degreethe ofgorge, painMisty assees itthe drainsPinsir hisgetting pollen.across Bulbasaurby knocksjumping Heracrossalong offtree withlimbs. aAsh strongaccuses vinethe whip,Pinsir sendingof himhaving sprawlingcut onthe hisbridge backropes, inbut thewhen grass.Woodruff Whileinspects the groupsevered musesends overof whetherthe orrope, nothe Heracrosspoints wasout protectingthat the Butterfreecut oris itssuspicious foodand source,that Woodruffit iscould worriedhave aboutonly thebeen Pinsirdone possiblyby cominga backhuman. HeAngry mentionsat thatwhatever thehuman Pinsirhad livedestroyed inthe bridge, the forestgroup onthen ponders how to cross the oppositegorge. sideThey ofhear a riversound, and thatturn somethingto hasfind beenHeracross causingpushing themon a tree. Misty begins to crossfuss theat riverit, andbut invadeBrock Heracrosscuts territory.her Mistyoff, duerealizing that the Heracross is trying to herpush fearthe oftree bugover. Pokémon,The wouldgroup ratherjump leaveout of the problemway toas itselfthe andtree movecomes oncrashing down, butlanding Ashneatly andacross Brockthe wantgorge. toThe helpgroup Woodruffsoon cross the river and saveenter the Pinsir forest., Woodruffwith beginsthe toHeracross leadstill themfollowing towardat the Pinsira territorydistance.
WhileAs Ash'sthey Bulbasaurenter clearsPinsir theterritory, paththey aheadnotice usinga {{m|Razortree Leaf}},with Asha noticessingle gigantic Pinsir up in the Heracrossbranches. followingWoodruff thempoints out that Pinsir do not grow that large. AshA wonderscloser iflook shows that the Heracross[[Team wantsRocket's himmechas|Pinsir robot]] has a hose connected to protectthe ittree trunk, butwith Mistygolden mentionssap howleaking Heracrossout likedaround Bulbasaur'sthe connection nectarpoint. HearingAt this, Bulbasaur{{TRT}} turnsleaps out from the tree and confrontslaunches their {{motto}}. Woodruff identifies them as the Heracrossrobot's owner, slingingat awhich Razorthey Leafexplain attheir motive for building it: towhile tryhiking toin scarethe itwoods, offtired and starved, they noticed a tree with sweet-smelling sap. WhenAfter Heracrosstasting looksthe up,incredibly confuseddelicious sap, they decided to drain the groupforest isof furtherall awayof downits sap and sell it, building a Pinsir mecha to do the pathdraining job for them.
OnceAsh out ofand the woods, Ash recalls Bulbasaur. The group approachesberate aTeam deepRocket gorgefor whichupsetting the riverbalance runsof through.nature Woodrufffor callsselfish attentionends, tobut a[[Jessie]] rope bridgestates that he uses to cross,the only tobalance findthey thatcare the bridgeabout is down.their Lookingchecking intoaccount the gorge, Misty sees the Pinsir getting across by jumping along tree limbsbalance. AshJessie accusessends theout Pinsir of having cut the bridge ropes{{TP|Jessie|Lickitung}}, butwhile when[[James]] Woodruff inspects the severed ends of the rope, he pointscalls out that the cut is different that what a Pinsir would make,{{TP|James|Victreebel}} and thatquickly it could have only been done bymakes a human.dive Angry at whatever human had destroyedfor the bridgebushes, the group then ponders howexpecting to cross the gorge. They hearget a sound,bite andon turnthe tohead findfrom Heracrosshis pushing on a treePokémon. MistyWhen beginsno tosuch fussbite at itcomes, buthe Brocklooks cuts her offup, realizingfinding thathis the Heracross is trying toPokémon pushlicking the tree oversap. TheJames groupscolds jumphis outPokémon, ofVictreebel theattempts wayto asdevour theits tree{{pkmn|Trainer}}. comesJessie crashingalso down,finds landingher neatlyPokémon acrossmore theinterested gorge wherein the bridgesap; usedrealizing tothat be.they're Thenot groupgetting areanywhere, able{{MTR}} towhips safelyout crossa theremote river and enterto the Pinsir forest,mech withand thecommands Heracrossit stillto followingattack atAsh aand distance{{ashfr}}.
AsAsh theysends enterout PinsirBulbasaur territory,to theyuse noticeRazor aLeaf, treebut withthe arobot singlenegates giganticthe Pinsirattack upwith inits thesteel branchespincers. WoodruffBulbasaur pointsthen outwraps thatit Pinsirup doin notVine grow that large,Whip and thatsends theit Pinsir in question isspinning reallylike a, Athen closerAsh lookcommands showsPikachu thatto theuse Pinsir{{m|ThunderShock}} roboton hasit. aHowever, hosethe connectedmecha toabsorbs the tree trunkelectricity, withand goldenshoots sapit leakingback out aroundat the connectiongroup from pointits pincers. AtKnocked thisdown, {{TRT}}the leapsgroup outare fromunable theto treedo andanything speaksas theirthe motto.Pinsir Woodruffrobot identifiesapproaches them. asTo the roboteveryone's ownersurprise, atHeracross whichdecides theyto explainintervene theirand motivebegins forto buildingpush it:against whilethe hikingrobot. inAt theMeowth's woods,command tiredthe andPinsir starved,mecha theypushes chancedHeracross uponsome adistance, treebut withHeracross sweet-smellinggathers sap.up Afterits tastingstrength theand incrediblybegins deliciouspushing sapback, theywhile decideMisty tocheers drainit theon, forestno oflonger allthinking of itsit sapas and"creepy" selllike it,other buildingbug aPokémon. PinsirWith their mech (thegetting partsbeaten, ofTeam whichRocket theyfights sentover forthe fromcontrols, anand adthe remote ends up theygetting founddestroyed in the backscuffle. pagesUnable ofto ''Popularreceive Pokémon''commands, magazine)the torobot docannot thefight drainingback; jobafter forAsh them.and ([[Jessie]]the originallygroup wantedremove tothe startsap atanks, pancakeHeracross houseshoves toits sellhorn under the syrup,mech butand herlifts ideait toup toponto theits flapjacksshoulders. withWith hera "ownmighty specialheave, blend"Heracross of{{m|Seismic limburgerToss|tosses}} cheesethe andmecha cajunhigh curryup powderinto didn'tthe goair. overThe welllands withon [[James]]Team andRocket, {{MTR}}then explodes, sending them blasting off again.)
AshHeracross andstrikes thea groupvictory beratepose Teamas RocketAsh forand upsettingMisty thecongratulate balanceit. ofThey naturethen fornotice selfisha ends,crowd butof JessiePinsir statesapproaching thatthem from the onlysurrounding balanceforest, theysignaling carethat aboutthe isPinsir theirpopulation checkinghas accountreturned Sheits sendsown out {{TP|Jessie|Lickitung}}territory, whileleaving James sends outthe {{TP|James|Victreebel}}Heracross and quicklyButterfree makesin apeace. diveBack foron the bushes,Heracross expectingside toof getthe a bite onriver, the headgroup fromwatch histhe Pokémon.Heracross Whenand noButterfree suchfeeding biteon comes,a hetree. looksThe up,lone findingHeracross his Pokémon lickingapproaches the treegroup, sap.and OnlyAsh whenand heMisty fussescommend atHeracross' itefforts forand suckingcongratulate upit theiron profits does Victreebel pay heedhelping to himsave andthe attempt to devour himforest. JessieSaying alsotheir findsgoodbyes herto PokémonHeracross moreand interested in the sap; realizing thatWoodruff, they're notcontinue gettingon anywhere,their Meowth whips out a remotepath to theViolet Pinsir mech and commands it to attack the [[Twerp]] groupCity.
AshHowever, sendsupon outleaving Bulbasaurthe toforest, useAsh Razor Leaf, butand the mechgroup negatesfind that the attackHeracross withis itsstill steelfollowing pincersthem. BulbasaurThey thenrealize wrapsthat it upwants into Vineleave Whipthe andforest sendsbehind itand spinningcome likewith athem. top,Heracross thennods Ashat commandsthe Pikachuidea toso useAsh {{m|ThunderShock}}tosses ona it.Poké However, the mech absorbs the electricityBall, and shoots it back at the groupPokémon fromwillfully itsenters pincersinside. KnockedAsh down,celebrates thehis grouplatest is unable to do anything as the mech approaches them. But thencatch, the mech is quickly put to a halt by {{AP|Heracross}}, who leaps in atbefore the lastgroup moment,continues pressingon againsttheir the mech's body with its clawsjourney.
Meowth commands the mech to retaliate, and the mech succeeds in pushing Heracross a distance; however, Heracross gathers up its strength and begins pushing back, while Misty cheers it on, no longer thinking of it as "creepy" like other bug Pokémon. With their mech getting beaten, Team Rocket fights over the controls, and the remote ends up getting destroyed in the scuffle. Unable to receive commands, the mech cannot fight back; after Ash and the group remove the sap tanks, Heracross shoves its horn under the mech and lifts it up onto its shoulders. With a mighty heave, Heracross {{m|Seismic Toss|tosses}} the mech high up into the air. The mech comes down on Team Rocket, then explodes, sending them blasting off again.
Heracross strikes a victory pose as Ash and Misty congratulate it. They then notice a crowd of Pinsir approaching them from the surrounding forest, signaling that the Pinsir population has returned to its own territory, leaving the Heracross and Butterfree in peace. Back on the Heracross side of the river, the group watch the Heracross and Butterfree feeding on a tree. The lone Heracross approaches the group, and Ash and Misty thank it and congratulate it for all that it did to save the forest. Saying their goodbyes to Heracross and Woodruff, they continue on their path to Violet City.
However, upon leaving the forest, Ash and the group find that the Heracross is still following them. It wants to leave the forest behind and come with Ash. Ash tosses a Poké Ball, which the Heracross willfully enters and remains inside. Ash celebrates having been chosen by {{AP|Heracross}} before the group continues on their journey.
==Major events==