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Earning the Ice-type Z-Crystal: new section
I would disagree considering that joining the Ultra Guardians was a major plot point and lead-in to future episodes, and the Pokémon School students are directly involved in organising the wedding ceremony. [[User:TardisTybort|TardisTybort]] ([[User talk:TardisTybort|talk]]) 23:34, 22 April 2018 (UTC)
:Lillie herself didn't do anything, those points were done with the other classmates.--[[User:Force Fire|<span style="color:#EBC600">'''F'''</span><span style="color:#EBC600">orce</span>]][[User talk:Force Fire|<span style="color:#D8B600">'''F'''</span><span style="color:#D8B600">ire</span>]] 03:37, 23 April 2018 (UTC)
== Earning the Ice-type Z-Crystal ==
Should that get mentioned under any kind of an accomplishment page? I think it should, but I'd like to hear another opinion on it. [[User:Pikatwig|Pikatwig]] ([[User talk:Pikatwig|talk]]) 21:08, 11 September 2018 (UTC)