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Later, James and Cacnea sit on a hill overlooking the town, depressed and thoughtful, when Jessie tells them to snap out of it. James then reveals that he is not sure whether to give Cacnea to Gardenia or not. Cacnea then says that it would like to learn to use Drain Punch. The "twerps" then return, and Jessie suggests getting them to help Cacnea train. James and Cacnea start training, making Dawn comment that Team Rocket do the right thing "once in a while", angering Jessie and Meowth. Ash and Pikachu offer to help them train, and while Dawn is doubtful, James and Cacnea are delighted. Pikachu uses {{m|Quick Attack}}, which Cacnea counters with Needle Arm. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, which Cacnea dodges, causing it to hit James instead. Cacnea uses Needle Arm and Pikachu counters with {{m|Iron Tail}}, but Needle Arm breaks through it and hits Pikachu. Cacnea then tries Drain Punch, but it fails and Cacnea trips on a rock. Brock comments that their timing is still off.
Later, Cacnea uses {{TP|James|Carnivine}} and {{AP|Chimchar}} to practice punching. One of Cacnea's punches hits Chimchar in the face, so James tells it to use Drain Punch, but the resulting attack is not very strong. That evening, James goes back to pondering over whether to give Cacnea to Gardenia, and decides to have a training battle with Aipom. Gardenia comes up to watch. Aipom opens with Focus Punch, but Cacnea dodges and uses Needle Arm. They try again, but this time Cacnea misses and is hit by Focus Punch. Cacnea dodges another Focus Punch and counters with Needle Arm, before trying another Drain Punch, but it fails. Cacnea tries to counter repeated Focus Punches with Drain Punch, but is hit repeatedly. Cacnea ends up extremely tired, and still trying to continue, but James stops it. Making up his mind, he tells Cacnea to go with Gardenia, as he believes he will not let Cacnea reach its full potential. As he holds up Cacnea's Poké Ball, he fondly recalls his time it, and then says goodbye as thehe returns it. He then gives the Poké Ball to Gardenia and tells her to look after it, then runs off crying, with Jessie and Meowth in hot pursuit.
The next day at the Pokémon Center, the group says goodbye to Gardenia, with Turtwig and Cacnea by her side, while Team Rocket watch from the roof. James wishes one final goodbye to Cacnea from afar.