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* One of the boys calls [[James|Kojirō]] "Kosanji", which usually is used to refer to [[Butch|Kosaburō]]. In the dub, the boy calls James "Old man".
* The instrumental version of [[A Small Thing]] from ''[[M06|Jirachi: Wish Maker]]'' and [[Team Rocket Forever]] are used as background music.
* {{Ash}} and {{an|Dawn}} narrate the preview for [[DP055|the next episode preview]].
* [[Jessie]] [[Breaking the fourth wall|breaks the fourth wall]] when she says to start up the season in style with the old get-up and go strategy. This is the second episode of [[S11|the season]].
* Dawn has her first battle with a [[Gym Leader]].
* Not including {{ashfr}}, this is the second time Ash has rebattled a Gym Leader after winning their [[Badge]]. The first was against [[Wattson]] in ''[[AG059|Manectric Charge]]''.
* This is one of the few episodes of the {{series|Diamond & Pearl}} where [[Dawn's Piplup]] does not appear.
* Team Rocket{{TRT}} doesn't blast off in this episode.
* [[Gardenia]] states that {{m|Drain Punch}} is more powerful than {{m|Needle Arm}}. This was incorrect before [[Generation V]], as Drain Punch and Needle Arm's base powers were tied at 60. (althoughHowever, it's is possible Gardenia was referring to the fact that Drain Punch also restores the user's HP, thus making it more ''useful'' than Needle Arm).
* Once again, the black part under Gardenia's mantle is invisible.
* After {{TP|James|Cacnea}} is hit by multiple {{m|Focus PunchesPunch}}es, Ash's Japanese voice can be heard.
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