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* This episode marks the first {{pkmn|anime}} appearance of a [[Generation III]] Pokémon.
* This is also the first episode to feature {{Abilities}}.
* The purple {{p|Kecleon}} showedshown in this episode is not a normally colored Pokémon. However, its color is also not that of a {{Shiny}} Pokémon.
** The Kecleon featured in this episode are the same colors as those that run the Kecleon shops in the [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series]]. However, the purple Kecleon in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series has green-colored outlines on its face, while the purple Kecleon in the anime retains the same colored outlines as normal Kecleon.
* Meowth{{MTR}}'s [[Boss fantasy|Bossboss fantasies]] first appeared mainstream in this episode.
* In Japan, thisThis was the last episode to air before the debut of ''[[M04|Celebi: The Voice of the Forest]]'' debuted in Japanese theaters.
** Incidentally, a Kecleon would appear in that {{pkmn|movie}}'s [[Pikachu short]], ''[[PK10|Pikachu's PikaBoo]]'', narrowly failing to make Kecleon one of the few Pokémon introduced in the movies or the side series before the mainstreammain animeseries.
* After {{AP|Noctowl}} blows {{TP|James|Weezing}}'s {{m|Smokescreen}} away, {{AP|Pikachu}} disappears.
* When {{TRT}} discusses their plans before deciding to go steal things, they think of the idea of stealing the whole blimp. However, however when they are in the cockpit, {{MTR}} says ''"I don't know how to drive a blimp, do you?"'' and they discard that idea. ButThis incontradicts the episodesevents of ''[[EP082|A Scare in the Air]]'' and ''[[EP083|Poké Ball Peril]]'', in which they do just that.
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