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Walking through a foggy forest, {{Ash}}, {{an|Misty}} and {{an|Brock}} are heading to [[New Bark Town]] to register for the [[Johto League]]. AfterAsh beingnotices a familiar tree branch and declares that they must be lost,. Misty scolds Ash, and the two of them get into aan smallargument tiff beforewhich Brock stepsis inforced andto breaksbreak up the two. {{TP|Misty's |Togepi}} senses something and thenpromptly hops out of Misty's arms and. {{AP|Pikachu}} follows after it, leading Ash and {{ashfr}} to aalso lakefollow. SeeingThe group are left startled after seeing a mysterious blue {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}, later revealed to be {{p|Suicune}}, on a formation atin the middle of the lake, the three of them become somewhat transfixed upon seeing it. When Suicune noticed them, it runs away. Ash tries to follow it but falls off thea steep edge of the hill that he and the others were standing upon;, Pikachu and {{TP|Misty|Togepi}} soon following afterfollow. Becoming alarmed by his disappearance, Misty and Brock followgo after Ash soonand also trip and fall. Making a small appearance after this event, {{an|Jigglypuff}} walks by and seems to find it fun andbefore slidessliding down the hill as well.
[[Jessie]]Meanwhile, [[James]] and {{MTRTRT}} are walkingalso outlost ofin the same fog-filled forest,. makingThey manybecome referenceshungry toand fooddecide to noterun, thatand theysoon arefind hungrythemselves out of the forest and staring at a large building. TheyThe findtrio are started by a [[horde]] of {{p|Fearow}} and rush inside what is actually a Pokémon Lab. A voice suddenly perks up, whereand the group soon find the source, [[Professor Elm]]. mistakesHe Jessieis astoo busy looking through his microscope to realize the visitors are Team Rocket, and thinking it is [[Nurse Joy]], andhe tells herthem to check up on his {{p|Totodile}}. They encounter Professor Elm's Totodile shortly after talking with the professorProfessor as the Totodileit bites Meowthonto {{MTR}}'s tail and sprays watera {{m|Water Gun}} at [[James]]'s face. Confirming bringing it to the [[Pokémon Center]] as she imposes as Nurse Joy, [[Jessie]] picks it up and they run out of the lab. Elm is none the wiser and thanks them, while still looking through his device.
Finally reaching New Bark Town, it's made clear that the trio isare tired. Brock reads the sign that the three of them have reached and Ash becomes pumped to soon be entering the Johto League. With all his psyching up at that point, he starts to run off to be going to take on new challengers before Brock grabs him and tells him that he needs to be registering before he does anything of the sort. On the way of walking into New Bark Town, Misty makes a comment about Nurse Joy probably running the Pokémon Center in that area as well. Excited to see Nurse Joy, Brock tells Ash and Misty to behead going tofor the [[local Pokémon Center]], but when they reach thereit, they are met by Nurse Joy's {{TP|Nurse Joy|Chansey}}. Chansey then presses a button after Brock speculates on Chansey not being Nurse Joy and a screen appears. A recording of Nurse Joy plays on the screen and says that she is with Professor Elm and will be back by 2:00. Noting the time on the clock, Misty directs Ash's attention to it where he states that it is 3:30. BrockAsh getsand concernedMisty aboutdecide Nurseto Joysit anddown makesas athey bigwait, dealthough ofBrock itis to both Ashfurious and Mistydemands beforethey forcing them togo find her. However, when the three of them reach the laboratory, they see that there's police surrounding the premises where they see another familiar face, [[Officer Jenny]].
When Brock sees Officer Jenny, he offers to be giving her a bouquet of flowers. However, as usual, Misty pulls him back by his collar and tows him away. Afterward, Ash asks about what's been going on around the area, and that's when he, Brock and Misty rush inside; they see Nurse Joy scolding Professor Elm for being careless. Brock rushes up to her and holds her hands in his flirtatious state but is shoved away by Misty again. Ash and {{Ashfr}}his friends learn about the stolen Totodile and talk about the starters[[Starter Pokémon]] that are offered in both New Bark Town and [[Pallet Town]]. Being soon questioned about having met {{an|Professor Oak}}, Professor Elm falls in a long winded rant to Brock about how he was one of Oak's top students and other things that he could be mentioning worth any merit while Misty and Ash focused more on the {{p|Cyndaquil}} that Nurse Joy took from Elm.
After this, one of the police officers brings a plaster mold of {{TRT}}'s footprints. Using this sample of their footprints, [[Officer Jenny's Growlithe]] tracks down Team Rocket and the Totodile. The next scene shows Team Rocket with the Totodile having chomped down on Jessie's hair. While the three of them are making comments about the Totodile, they soon come to a phone booth and plan to be making a call to the {{an|Giovanni|boss}}. Meowth was going to be making the call first, though Jessie smacks him away with the door of the booth and tells him that she 'knows how he operates' and claims that he would be taking all the credit. While the two of them have an argument, James just walks past them and goes to be making the phone call while the two of them are busy fighting with one another.