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* [[Professor Oak's Pokémon Lecture]]: <!--Description here.-->
** Pokémon senryū summary: The smile it shows at times is cute: {{p|Primeape}}.
* The book ''[[The Four-Star Challenge]]'' is based on this episode.
* Despite the fact that both the preceding and succeeding episodes are included, this episode was missing from [[Netflix]] when [[S02]] was still available on Netflix, likely because of its [[Pokémon controversy#Racism|depiction of Jynx]].
** This episode is not played on [[Pokémon TV]], and the [[Pokémon.com]] synopsis lacks pictures of {{p|Jynx}}, likely due to this past controversy.
** As of April 2013, it is removed from Pokémon.com entirely.
** It is also removed from the re-release of [[List of English language Adventures on the Orange Islands home video releases (Region 1)|the Orange Islands DVD box set]].
* [[James]] calls [[Lorelei|Prima]] "Miss Elite,", likely a reference to her status as the first member of the [[Elite Four]] as Lorelei in the Game Boy {{pkmn|games}}.
* When James shoves a sandwich into his mouth, his nose disappeareddisappears.
* During the scene when a {{p|Kadabra}} battled against Prima's {{p|Cloyster}}, it says "{{p|Alakazam}}". Also, a {{p|Machamp}} says "{{p|Machop}}".
* When [[Jessie]] says, "Prepare for trouble, and defeat"," the split in her shirt goes past the 'R' and to her collar.
* When Jynx uses {{m|Ice Punch}}, Prima incorrectly orders her to use {{m|Ice Beam}} in the dub.
===Dub edits===
* [[Pikachu's Jukebox]]: [[Viridian City (song)|Viridian City]]
* In the dub, Lorelei is incorrectly referred to as '''Prima'''. [[4Kids haveEntertainment]] has claimed that this is due to "Lorelei" having an extra syllable over her Japanese name, "Kanna", although it is also possible that the writers did not know that she already had an English name.
* A 25-second scene, after Ash suggests that Prima is only denying him a battle because she will lose, was cut in some versions of the English dub as well as in all international versions based on it. It's is cut in all [[List of English language Adventures on the Orange Islands home video releases (Region 1)|U.S. DVD releases]] but not on two older [[List of English language Adventures on the Orange Islands home video releases (Region 4)|Australian DVD releases]], In the dub versions where it is not cut out, the segment is zoomed in. This is likely due to the scene focusing on Prima's cleavage. The dialogue is as it follows:
::'''Ash:''' Hey, what's so funny? Not only am I an undefeated Champion on this island, but I'm practically a Pokémon Master! C'mon, Prima, one battle?
::'''{{an|Misty}}:''' The only thing you're the Master of is disaster!
::'''Ash:''' Who asked you? Maybe you want me to teach you a lesson instead of Prima. Hey, I guess I could use another easy win.
::'''Misty:''' What do you mean, 'another easy win?'
::'''Misty ''(annoyed)'':''' Ugh... that Ash is so... If he ever did battle you, he'd see he's not as great as he thinks he is!
:In the original Japanese version, he challenges her to a {{pkmn|battle}}, but she smiles and does not take him seriously, making him blush in embarrassment and anger. Ash then says something inappropriate about Misty in front of Prima. This really angers Misty, she shouts at Ash, and he walks away to find another {{pkmn|Trainer}} to battle. In the versions with the cut, it is simply implied that he feels sorry for her because she didn't accept his challenge.