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Kanto Route 9

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Route description
==Route description==
Heading east from Cerulean, the route quickly utilizes the rocky terrain of the area, hopping down a [[ledge]] and passing a Trainer, making this portion of the route a one way, eastbound only passage. Turning east, the route passes an opening to the south that leads to another Trainer and {{TM|30|Teleport}} in [[Generation I]], or {{TM|40|Aerial Ace}} in [[Generation III]]. Moving away from the passage, Route 9 comes to a four-way intersection. To the north is the one way, westbound only passage that returns to Cerulean and is occupied by two Trainers and a grassy area containing [[wild Pokémon]]. To the south is a long passage that ultimately results in a dead end, containing one Trainer and a {{DL|Status condition healing item|Burn Heal}} in Generation III. The main path of Route 9 takes the east fork.
To the east of two hills connected by ledges, the route turns north into the path of another Trainer. The route also comes to a three-way intersection here, with a fork to the west leading to yet another Trainer and a small patch of grass. Route 9 continues northward, turning east, passing another Trainer and turning south to the northeast of another small hill. After hopping another ledge that makes the passage east of the four-way intersection a one way, eastbound only path (and which utilizes the dead end passage, which is bordered to its north by a ledge for most of its length, as the westbound only path), the path crosses ways with another Trainer as it turns east.