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* The ending song, ''[[Make a Wish]]'', is the first time that the English dub left the Japanese ending theme in. It was also combined with English lyrics performed by Cindy Mizelle.
** May's singing voice is also retained in the dub.
* This movie is referenced in Pokémon Colosseum by way of a Trainer named Rider Zalla who owns a Jirachi (the star), Flygon, Absol ([[wild Pokémon]] befriended during the movie), Kirlia, Mightyena, and a Dusclops (Pokémon belonging to [[Butler]]). She can be found as the 77th Trainer on Battle Mode's Single Battle on Mt. Battle.
** Also, in {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}}, the two {{tc|Ace Trainer}}s that appear on the southernmost part of {{rt|229|Sinnoh}} have their [[party|teams]] based on those of Butler and Diane. In fact, in the Japanese version, they have the same names as them, but the English translation team did not notice the relation to the movie characters.
* {{an|May}}'s rival [[Drew]] eventually obtains an {{p|Absol}} and {{p|Flygon}}, two of the main non-Legendary Pokémon of the movie.