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{{Ash}}, {{an|Misty}}, and {{Tracey}} are traveling to [[Pallet Town]], with all of them excited to be back. Tracey inis particular isparticularly looking forward to meeting {{an|Professor Oak}} and cannot wait to show him the many sketches he drew as a [[Pokémon watcher]].
When Ash arrives home, Mistyhe and AshMisty are surprised to see {{an|Brock}} waiting for them in the house. They are confused as to why Brock had left [[Professor Ivy]] back on [[Valencia Island]]. He gives no reason as to why he left and when Ash and Misty mention Professor Ivy, Brock falls to the ground shivering, saying, "Don't mention that name..." Misty theorizes that she dumped him. {{Delia}} arrives home, and Ash runs into his mother's arms. But she instead ducks down to greet and pick up {{AP|Pikachu}}. Delia explains how Brock came here: She and [[Mimey]] found him a week ago, lying on the ground in a grassland and took him home once she realizesrealized who he was. Since then Brock has been helping around the house, with Brock fighting over the chores with Mimey.
Whilst discussing dinner, Tracey insists on seeing Professor Oak. Ash is reminded of the [[GS Ball]] and shows Mrs.his Ketchummom his trophy[[Winner's Trophy]], which she suggests she could use as a dumbbell.
Ash, {{AP|Pikachu}}, Misty, Tracey and Brock travel to Professor Oak's laboratory with {{TRT}} watching from a distance. Ash is welcomed to the house by his {{AP|Muk}} who is crushing Professor Oak under his weight. Tracey ignores the situation and asks to show Professor Oak his sketches. Ash hands Professor Oak the GS Ball and he puts it away to examine it later. Professor Oak then shows them around the Laboratory, and Ash sends his {{AP|Tauros}} out to rejoin the herd and encounters his other Pokémon, {{AP|Snorlax}} and {{AP|Kingler}}. Over some cups of tea, Professor Oak begins to review Tracey's sketches. As Tracey nervously awaits Oak's approval, he is interrupted by {{MTR}} activating a circus net that engulfs the Laboratory. Meanwhile {{an|Jigglypuff}} appears and tries to go through the net though it can't.
AshInside handsthe Professornet, OakTeam theRocket GSare Ballin and heperform putstheir it{{motto}} awaywhile todoing examinea itcircus lateract. ProfessorJust Oakas thenAsh showsis themabout aroundto thecall Laboratoryout {{AP|Bulbasaur}}, he notices Muk's insistence and sends it out instead. TraceyJessie sends sketchesout everyher {{OBPTP|PokémonJessie|speciesLickitung}}, hebut seesMuk ignores Lickitung and showsgoes Professoron Oakto hissmother sketchesJessie. AsJames Traceysends nervouslyout awaitshis Oaks approval{{TP|James|Victreebel}}, hewhich isagain Muk hugs. James tries his interruptedluck bywith {{MTRm|Razor Leaf}} activatingbut ait circusfails, netand thatMuk engulfsdeflects the Laboratoryleaves. MeanwhileVictreebel begins to swallow Muk, who retaliates with a {{anm|JigglypuffPoison Gas}} appearsattack. andLickitung triesslobbers toall goover throughMuk thewith netits thoughtongue but it can'tdoes nothing.
InsideJames thecommands Victreebel to use {{m|Sleep Powder}} on Muk which networks, Teammuch Rocketto areAsh's insurprise. andAsh performis theabout to call for {{mottoAP|Squirtle}} whileand doing{{AP|Bulbasaur}}'s aassistance, circusbut act.Team TheyRocket trythen tothrows stealrings around Ash, Misty, Pikachu, butProfessor AshOak, sendsBrock outand hisTracey Mukwhich tostops attackthem {{TP|Jessie|Lickitung}}from moving. MukA ignores[[Team Rocket's mechas|Super Sucker]] then proceeds to suck all of the LickitungLaboratory's [[Poké Ball]] and goesTracey's onSketchbooks. toMeowth hugasks Jessieagain why Brock came back, though he doesn't give an answer. JamesThe sendslast outball sucked in is the GS Ball, but then a rip in the tent appears, caused by a mysterious man and his {{TPp|James|VictreebelNidoqueen}}. Team Rocket's tent and Jigglypuff are sent flying into the distance. [[Team Rocket's mechas|The Meowth Balloon]] falls to the ground, whichreleasing againevery MukPoké hugsBall in it. JamesThe triesmysterious hisman luckturns without to be {{m|Razor LeafGary}} butand ithis "justNidoqueen didn'tattacks cutLickitung it."by asgrabbing saidits intongue theand episodeswinging it into Team Rocket. VictreebelNidoqueen triessends toVictreebel swallowflying Ash'sinto MukTeqam butRocket itwith usesa {{m|PoisonMega GasPunch}}. beforeJessie itthrows canMeowth useinto the {{mpkmn|Poisonbattle}}. PowderHe tries using {{m|Scratch}} but his claws break from Nidoqueen's armored body. LickitungGary slobberstells allhis overNidoqueen Mukto withstrike itsback, tonguehurling butTeam itRocket doesinto the nothingair.
JamesGary commandshas Victreebel toNidoqueen use {{m|Sleepits Powder}} on Muk which works, muchhorn to Ash'sfree surpriseeveryone. AshGary switchesgreets tohis {{AP|Squirtle}}grandfather, and {{AP|Bulbasaur}}.everyone Teamexcept Rocket then throws rings aroundfor Ash, Misty,admires Pikachu,his Professorwell-trained Oak, Brock and Tracey which stops them from movingNidoqueen. A [[Team Rocket's mechas|Super Sucker]]Ash then proceedsbrags toabout suck in everyhis [[PokéOrange BallLeague]] that are in the Laboratory, including TraceyWinner's Sketchbooks.Trophy, Meowthwhich asksGary againcongratulates whyhim Brockon camebut back,notes though heit doesndidn't givehelp anhim answer.defeat TheTeam lastRocket. ballSoon suckedenough, inAsh isand theGary GS Ball, but thenstart a ripbattle into theprove tentwho appears,has causedbecome bythe a mysterious man and hisbetter {{ppkmn|NidoqueenTrainer}}. [[Team Rocket's mechas|The Meowth Balloon]] falls toover the ground,past releasing every Poké Ball in itmonths.
The mysterious man turns out to be {{Gary}} and the Nidoqueen attacks Lickitung by grabbing its tongue and swinging it into Team Rocket. Meowth tries using {{m|Scratch}} but it doesn't work, only breaking his claws. Gary tells his Nidoqueen to strike back, hurling Team Rocket into the air.
Ash and Gary start a battle to prove who has become the better Trainer over the past months.
==Major events==