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{{an|May}} displays her newly acquired [[Ribbon]] as everyone is sitting on tires in a nearby field. {{Ash}} wants to hurry off to the Battle Arena as both May and [[Max]] tell him to wait. May shows him her restaurant guidebook which tells of a noodle restaurant famous for its "Battle Noodles." Max shows Ash an advertisement for a free battle demo of "The Strongest" at the Pokémon Dojo. The group then splits up, with May and Brock going to the noodle restaurant and Ash and Max going to the dojo.
Outside the restaurant, May and Brock see a long line of people. The noodle chef, [[Kyle Hamm|Kyle]] and a girl named [[Terri]] exit the restaurant and appear to be arguing. Terri wants Kyle to go with her to the dojo, but he does not want to since he has all those customers. Terri says that his family is more important than his customers. As May becomes fired up, {{an|Brock}} falls in love with the girl. They both dash off to follow Kyle and Terri, May for the noodles and Brock for the girl. The customers in line, some of whom have already paid, begin complaining about the chef leaving.