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Ash's Palpitoad

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* Like [[Dawn's Togekiss]], there seems to be some inconsistency in terms of Palpitoad's size. In his [[BW032|debut appearance]], he was similar to the size of [[Ash's Oshawott]]. However, in his [[BW039|second appearance]], he is shown to go up to Ash's waist. Later, in ''[[BW050|Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym!]]'', he appears to be the same size as he was in his first appearance.
* Before Palpitoad, the last non-temporary Pokémon which Ash had caught in its evolved state was his {{AP|Noctowl}}, which he caught in ''[[EP154|Fowl Play!]]'', 535 episodes before him.
** Palpitoad was also the first evolved {{t|Water}} Pokémon acquired by Ash since his {{p|Krabby}} evolved into {{AP|Kingler}} in ''[[EP075|Round One - Begin!]]'', 614 episodes before Palpitoad's capture.
* Of all of main characters' Pokémon, Palpitoad has been absent from the greatest number of episodes in a row while still being in rotation at the time: 36 episodes, spanning from after ''[[BW106|Strong Strategy Steals the Show!]]'' to before ''[[BW142|The Dream Continues!]]''.