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Toshiyuki Morikawa

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[[File:Toshiyuki Morikawa.jpg|thumb|200px|Toshiyuki Morikawa]]
'''Toshiyuki Morikawa''' (Japanese: '''森川智之''' ''Morikawa Toshiyuki'') is a Japanese voice actorseiyū for the [[Pokémon anime]]. He was born on January 26, 1967 in {{wp|Shinagawa}}, {{wp|Tokyo}}, {{wp|Japan}}.
==Pokémon roles==
Morikawa began his work in the original series playing various roles, one of them being [[Sabrina's Haunter]]. Later he provided the voice of [[Wallace]].
* [[Bruno]] ([[EP071]])===Humans===
* [[SheridanBruno]] ([[AG052]])
* [[WallaceSheridan]] ([[DP075]] - [[DP079]])
* [[HunWallace]] ([[The Legend of Thunder!]])
* [[GhrisHun]] ([[M18]])
* [[Sabrina's HaunterGhris]]
* Narrator (''[[Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Animated Trailer]]'')
* [[Sabrina's Haunter]]
==Other non-Pokémon roles==