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* Not counting the flashbacks, {{p|Pikachu}} and {{p|Meowth}} were the only two species of Pokémon seen in this episode. This is the lowest number of Pokémon species appearing in an anime episode.
* The events of ''[[EP034|The Kangaskhan Kid]]'' were referenced in the beginning of this episode.
* In this episode, {{Ash}} crashes into a tree. In response, {{an|Misty}} says, "Watch out for that tree", a catchphrase from the ''{{wp|George of the Jungle}}'' universe.
* A short version of [[Goodnight, My Pikachu]] can be heard in the Japanese version.
* The book ''{{book|I Choose You!}}'' is partially based on this episode.
* This episode is featured on ''Volume 1: Pikachu'' from [[Viz Media]]'s {{OBP|Pokémon All-Stars|Region 1}} series.
* This episode is featured on ''Pokémon All-Stars: Pikachu'' from {{wp|Magna Pacific}}'s {{OBP|Pokémon All-Stars|Region 4}} series.
* After Team Rocket{{TRT}} finishes their {{motto}}, [[James]] says, "We'd like to thank all of our fans for their loyalty and support. This victory is for them",. This obviously [[breakingBreaking the fourth wall|breaks the fourth wall]], and possibly referencing how Pokémon fans in Japan helped get the anime back on air after EP038.
* The episode title is spelled ''Pickachu's Goodbye'' on the back of the box of the Australian VHS release.
* When the {{pkmn2|wild}} Pikachu save the smaller Pikachu and Ash's Pikachu from going over the waterfall, all of the wild Pikachu in the chain have a torn tail. This is a result of the animation studio cycling the animation in order to save time.
** Some care was taken into this scene as only the leader Pikachu has torn ears.
** Later scenes are inconsistent with the number of Pikachu which have torn tails. This could be up for interpretation as the number of Pikachu Team Rocket steals is much greater than depicted in any other scene.