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In Generation II
==List of Berries==
===In Generation II===
Berries were introduced in [[Generation II]] to take advantage of the then-new [[held item]]s feature, which allows a Pokémon to hold and use specific items in battle. The standard [[Generation I]] items—such as [[Potion]]s and [[Full Heal]]s—are man-madeartificial, so Pokémon do not know how to use them if they hold these items. Instead, ten different Berries were created that Pokémon could use automatically during battle, with effects analogous to the man-madeartificial healing items.
These Berries have not appeared in media released after Generation II, having been replaced by a new set of Berries in [[Generation III]]. However, their basic effects are inherited by the first ten Berries introduced in Generation III. In {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}, the trees that held these Berries are replaced by [[Apricorn]] trees, which function similarly.