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Pokémon roles
==Pokémon roles==
Taylor voiced two of the {{ashfr|main characters}}, {{Ash}} and {{an|May}}, and various other roles until the end of [[S08|the eighth season]], when {{TPCi|Pokémon USA}} and [[TAJ Productions]] [[Pokémon USA recasting controversy|took over the dubbing and distribution of the anime]]. Her main roles were taken over by [[Sarah Natochenny]] (Ash and Delia) and [[Michele Knotz]] (May). She has not returned to provide voices in the anime since.
* [[Ash Ketchum]] ([[EP001]]-[[AG145]], [[M01]]-[[M08]], [[A Sneak Peek at Pokémon]], [[Mewtwo Returns]])
* [[Delia Ketchum]] ([[EP001]]-[[AG133]])
* [[Hun]]
* {{brocksib|Cindy and Suzie}} ([[EP005]])
* [[Gary's cheerleaders]]
* {{OBP|Red|Pocket Monsters}} ([[AG086]])
* {{p|Diglett}}
* {{p|Sentret}}
====Musical appearances====
* [[Under the Mistletoe]]
* [[It Takes Two]]