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* The English title is based on the idiom "''poetry in motion''".
* This is the first episode in the {{series|Advanced Generation}} where [[Jessie's Wobbuffet]] does not appear.
* Even though at[[Flannery]] first Flanneryinitially recitesclaims that {{Ash}} is her first challenger, she later says that her last opponent used {{m|Dig}} a lot.
* When [[Jessie]] sends out {{TP|Jessie|Seviper}} to use {{m|Haze}}, {{AP|Pikachu}} wasis heard but wasnisn't seen on Ash's shoulder. After the Haze clears, Pikachu reappearedreappears.
* Just before Flannery's {{p|Slugma}} evolves, it says "Mag", his nickname, which is equal to the first three letters of Magcargo, his evolved form.
===Dub edits===
* [[Mr. Moore]] incorrectly told {{p|Typhlosion}} to use {{m|Tackle}} in the English dub, whereas in the Japanese version, he told it to use {{m|Headbutt}}. This was due to Typhlosion being unable to learn Headbutt at the time.
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