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Blaziken (Pokémon)

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Major appearances
====Major appearances====
=====[[Harrison's Blaziken]]=====
{{TP|Harrison|Blaziken}} debuted in ''[[EP265|Pop Goes The Sneasel]]'', under the ownership of {{jo|Harrison}}. He used it to defeat the {{p|Sneasel}} that was blocking access to the flame of {{p|Ho-Oh}}. Harrison later used Blaziken in a climactic battle with [[Ash's Charizard]].
=====[[May's Blaziken]]=====
In ''[[AG191|Once More with Reeling]]'', {{an|May}}'s Combusken evolved into a {{TP|May|Blaziken}}. She brought it with her to [[Johto]], and it was one of the Pokémon that she used when she briefly returned in ''[[DP076|A Full Course Tag Battle!]]''.