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Rage Candy Bar

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* Though the [[item]] does not exist in the internal data of the [[Generation III]] and [[Sinnoh]]-based [[Generation IV]] games, it is mentioned repeatedly. in those games:
** In {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}, it is mentioned by aan [[Non-player character|NPC]] in {{OBP|Two Island|town}} on [[Two Island]], who claims that is the favorite delicacy of [[Bruno]] of the {{DL|[[Elite Four|Kanto/Johto Elite Four|Kanto Elite Four}}]], who left the island disappointedin disappointment when he discovered that the local shop was sold out of them.
** No mention is made in {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}} but inIn {{game|Platinum}}, it is claimedsupposed to be sold out in theat [[Veilstone Department Store]]'s basement, but the vendor selling them always says they're sold out of them. ItThey isare also said to be favored by [[Professor Rowan]], who can occasionally be found occasionally in the basement of the Veilstone Department Store basement, sulking about the fact that the mallstore has run out of them. An NPC in the basement claims to be the one who has bought all the available Rage Candy Bars.
* While it is obtained as a [[Key Item]] in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, the Rage Candy Bar is still required to be bought for {{PDollar}}300. Due to this, it is thus far the only Key Item available for purchase.
* [ RAGECANDYBAR], a Pokémon project site, takes its name from this [[item]].