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{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} arrive at [[Lavaridge Town]], which is said to be famous for its hot springs. [[Max]] observes people being buried in the sand in the dry analogue to hot springs, the sand baths. Ash quickly reminds the team that his [[Gym]] Battle{{pkmn|battle}} is the reason they came here in the first place, and the group reluctantly agrees. {{TRT}} arrives to the town shortly after, complaining about their troubles following Ash. [[James]] reminds them about the hot springs in the town, and the trio is led by [[Jessie]] straight to the springs. James and {{MTR}} are worried about their pending mission that they have yet to complete. Ash arrives at the Gym to [[Flannery]] running around in panic as she has caught on fire. After {{an|Brock}} extinguishes her with {{TP|Brock|Mudkip}}, he falls in love, only to be pulled away by Max. Ash informs Flannery that he is looking for a Gym Battle, and Flannery becomes excited at the chance to battle. Brock expresses concerns that he believed the Gym Leader of the town was [[Mr. Moore]], not Flannery as she perpetuates. This is re-enforced by Flannery's disregard for protocol when she begins battling Ash on a non-regulation field. It is then discovered that the official field has not been cleaned since her last battle.
The match is put off as Flannery, Ash, and friends take a break. Flannery explains that three days ago her grandfather, Mr. Moore, had left on a poetry writing mission across [[Hoenn]] and [[Johto]], and appointed Flannery as the Gym Leader. Ash volunteers the group to help clean up the Gym with Flannery. Mr. Moore is shown to not have gone very far from Lavaridge, expressing concerns for Flannery and the Gym. He sees (in disguise) that Ash is helping Flannery clean up the Gym, and is worried that things are not going as hoped. {{TRT}} appears to be watching too, and decides to catch Flannery's {{DL|Flannery|Torkoal}}. Brock brings up that Flannery should have a {{DL|Badge|Heat Badge}} ready in case Ash does beat her in the match. Flannery is not sure where they are located though, and she has the team help her search for the Badges. Mr. Moore appears in a new disguise to point out the location of the Badges. Flannery admits that she should be more organized. Max points out that Flannery does not have a match judge. Mr. Moore appears in a new disguise, claiming to be from the CPPGJ, or the Committee for Popularizing Pokémon Gym Judging. Brock is suspicious, but the disguised Mr. Moore exclaims that he was sent by Mr. Moore to judge the match. Mr. Moore also volunteers to help fix the field to prepare for the match.