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* [[Future Connection]] replaces [[Alola!!]] as the [[List of Japanese opening themes|opening theme]].
* [[Twerp, Twerpette]] replaces [[Pose]] as the [[List of Japanese ending themes|ending theme]].
* This episode marks the {{pkmn|anime}} debut of [[Max Potion]]s and [[Full Restore]]s, leaving [[Hyper Potion]] as the only variation of [[Potion]] yet to be featured in the anime.
* Just before he prepares to capture {{p|Buzzwole}}, {{Ash}}'s face briefly changes to resemble the titular character of the long-running manga series {{wp|Golgo 13}}.
* The way that the {{alo|Exeggutor}} move their heads as the [[Ultra Guardians]] prepare to launch is a reference to the way the palm trees move during the launch of {{wp|Thunderbirds machines#Thunderbird 2|Thunderbird 2}} in the 1960s TV series ''{{wp|Thunderbirds (TV series)|Thunderbirds}}''.
* An instrumental version of [[Under The Alolan Moon]] was used in this episode.
* This is the first time Ash catches a Pokémon with a [[Poké Ball]] variant since the [[original series]].
* {{MTR}}, [[Jessie]], [[James]], and {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} narrate the preview for the [[SM062|next episode]].
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