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{{Ash}} and {{an|Iris}} have a battle, using {{AP|Scraggy}} and {{TP|Iris|Axew|Axew}}, respectively. Ash calls a {{m| Headbutt}}, which Axew dodges, and Iris orders a {{m|Scratch}}, which hits, which makes Scraggy take major damage. Seeing that Scraggy has been knocked outincapacitated, Iris tells Axew to use {{m|Dragon Rage}} to finish it off. Axew begins to charge up, and the newly mastered Dragon Rage hits Scraggy full on the face, knocking him out.
Axew getsbecomes happy, while Ash gets down as he looks at the knocked out Scraggy. Suddenly, a {{p|Cottonee}} comes up and rests on Scraggy's head. Scraggy wakes up and looks at Cottonee, while Cottonee becomes scared and uses {{m|Cotton Spore}} which distracts Scraggy. Suddenly, another Cottonee comes up, and the first Cottonee looks up at the new Cottonee admiringly. Ash scans it on the Pokédex, while {{an|Cilan}} remarks that it was strange to see a Cottonee alone at this time of year, since this is the season where all Cottonee come together and start a life together. Iris says that it is quite romantic.
Suddenly, the first Cottonee goes up to the second Cottonee and begins to talk, while Cilan exclaims it is "heart to heart time". However, the second Cottonee, a female, does not return the male's feelings and attacks it with {{m|Stun Spore}}. The male Cottonee becomes very upset as the female continues to attack it with {{m|Energy Ball}} and {{m|Razor Leaf}}. The male begins to attack the female with Razor Leaf, which she easily dodges, and then follows up with an Energy Ball, which misses completely. Cilan says that the female was testing the male in order to see if it was worthy, but the male did not exceed expectations. Eventually, the female leaves, leaving the male heartbroken. Cilan puts a bandage on Cottonee's bruise, and he becomes very grateful. In the meantime, Ash decides to help him out, to see if they can make Cottonee's battling style better. As a result, Ash decides that Scraggy should be the one to battle Cottonee.