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|animecounterpart=[[Dr. Fuji (anime)]]
===In Pokémon Origins===
[[File:Mr Fuji PO.png|250px|thumb|Mr. Fuji in [[Pokémon Origins]]]]
Mr. Fuji's first appearance in [[Pokémon Origins]] wasappeared in ''[[PO02|File 2: Cubone]]''. Much like in the games, he had gone to the [[Pokémon Tower]] after it was taken over by [[Team Rocket]], trying to convince them to leave, but wound up as their hostage. After Team Rocket was driven out of the Pokémon Tower by {{OBP|Red|Origins}}, Mr. Fuji rewarded the young Pokémon Trainer with the [[Poké Flute]] and a pair of mysterious stones. When Red asked what the stones were for, Mr. Fuji told him that he would find out soon enough.
Mr. Fuji later appeared in ''[[PO04|File 4: Charizard]]'', where his past as Dr. Fuji is revealed by [[Professor Oak]] soon after he concluded that [[Pokémon Mansion journals|the journals]] Red found at the {{ka|Pokémon Mansion}} were his. He explained that Dr. Fuji used to be dedicated to Pokémon researching, but after he discovered a {{p|Mew|new species}}, the subjects of his studies were dismissed, and the Doctor was trying to artificially create a {{p|Mewtwo|powerful new Pokémon}}. Despite their last names matching, Red was skeptical about both being the same person, but the Professor told him it was very likely, as Dr. Fuji did a research related to mysterious stones flowing with energy, like the ones that Mr. Fuji gave him.
====Voice actors====
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