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The episode starts right atAt sunrise, with {{an|Dawn}} screamingscreams and wakingwakes up a flock of {{p|Starly}}. Nearby, a familiar set of ears perk at the sound. {{an|Brock}} is preparing breakfast, as Dawn's protests wake {{Ash}}. He rushes to Dawn's tent, but she tells him to keep out because her hair is distressedmessy. Dawn tries to fix her hair manually, but it doesn't work. {{TP|Dawn|Piplup}} is amused, and Dawn gets the idea to use Piplup's {{m|Bubble Beam}}. Ash is puzzled at the order. Brock drops a potato and {{TP|Brock|Croagunk}} simply looks at it. He eventually tosses it forcefully upward. Ash backs up and trips into Dawn, while {{AP|Pikachu}} grabs the potato. The capture impresses a nearby {{pkmn2|wild}} {{p|Buneary}}.
Meanwhile, everyone finds out about Dawn's fixed hair. Ash is puzzled by the method. Dawn wants to use the method to fix Ash's hair, but he mentions that he has his {{AP|cap|hat}}. At that word, {{AP|Aipom}} steals Ash's hat and runs away with it. Pikachu pursues and steals it back with a {{m|Quick Attack}}. However, the hat covers Pikachu's face and he lands in the middle of a path. [[Officer Jenny]] almost runs over Pikachu, but Buneary jumps in and gets Pikachu out of danger. Ash reclaims his hat and Dawn catches up, noting the Buneary.