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Rayquaza (Pokémon)

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Rayquaza's design mayis beprobably based on the Hebrew legends of {{wp|Ziz}},Chinese the unconquerable primal master of the sky. Its counterparts were {{wp|Behemothdragon}} and ''{{wp|Leviathanlindworm}}''. RayquazaIt's appearancerole alsois drawssimilar inspirationto from other creaturesthat of myth such as the {{wp|Chinese dragonZiz}} andin ''{{wp|lindworm}}''Hebrew legends. Alternatively, Rayquaza matches the description of the Aztec god {{wp|Quetzalcoatl}}, who was depicted as a flying serpent, and created the boundary between the earth (including the oceans) and the sky. Its trait of being capable of inhabiting the skies, and living there while subsisting on nothing but dew and particles for centuries, also bears aspects of the legendary Chinese xian hermit sages and East Asian dragons.
====Name origin====