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Ho-Oh (Pokémon)

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Ho-Oh may be based on the legend of the {{wp|Phoenix (mythology)|phoenix}}, specifically the {{wp|Fenghuang}}, the immortal phoenix of China from which it derives its name. It may also based on the {{wp|Huma bird}}, a Legendary bird that is said to never rest, living its entire life flying continuously, and resurrects itself and others in its own ashes and flames. It is a symbol of fortune and friendship and will bestow happiness to anyone who simply glimpses it. Many cultures view the Phoenix and Huma as symbols of resurrection; this is seen in Ho-Oh, which was reborn rising from [[Sacred Ash|its own ashes]] and had a hand in resurrecting {{p|Suicune}}, {{p|Raikou}} and {{p|Entei}}. Given its category, it may an embodiment of the rainbow, with Lugia representing storms. It may also be based on many other {{wp|firebird}}s; some examples are the {{wp|Three-legged crow#Japan|three-legged bird}}, {{wp|Simurgh}}, and the {{wp|Firebird (Slavic folklore)|Ember Bird}}. It also is similar to the rainbow-feathered bird god {{wp|Achiyalabopa}}. ItHo-Oh alsorepresents bearsthe looseday similaritieswhile toLugia represents the {{wp|Goldennight, given the feature's introduction in Gold and pheasant}}Silver.
====Name origin====