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Groudon (Pokémon)

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Groudon may be modeled after the Earth's land and volcanoes and may be based on the Hebrew legends of {{wp|Behemoth}}, the unconquerable primalan masterimpersonation of the land. Its counterpartsconflict werewith {{wp|Leviathan}}Kyogre andmay {{wp|Ziz}}.be Justbased ason Groudonthat isof inBehemoth conflictand withLeviathan Kyogre,of itHebrew waslegend, said thatwho at the end of time, Behemoth and Leviathan would start a battle that would kill them both.
HoweverLike Groudon, Behemoth is associated with the land. However, while Behemoth is usually depicted as a warthog/hippopotamus-like creature; in the same way, {{p|Kyogre}} is not based on traditional depictions of the Leviathan. Instead, Groudon resembles a {{wp|therapod}} dinosaur in appearance, with spikes resembling various species of ''{{wp|Ankylosauria}}''.
====Name origin====