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Czech themes
:I mean there is a part of a page for the lyrics of the song, so why not include it in the In Other Languages section (I'm gonna include it on all three pages). Although I wonder if "Incomplete = Czech name missing" or something should be added. I also went and checked/fixed the rest of the songs as well, as you probably noticed, so I think that should be fine (a few were slightly different from what we used in the lyric translations but it's alright, they are very close). ~[[User:KingisNitro|'''KingisNitro''']] <small>([[User talk:KingisNitro|talk]])</small> 22:34, 26 August 2018 (UTC)
::I saw that, good work. I'm not quite sure what you mean.. Though, regarding the incomplete notice with missing Czech, I've been told before that "adding names to the "In other languages section" is only bonus and does not count as crucial information and does therefore not warrant an incomplete notice". So don't add it, you'll have to keep it in your head. Translation notice on the other hand should be used, when applicable. --[[User:Raltseye|<span style="color:#FF6464">R</span><span style="color:#11BB11">alts</span><span style="color:#6464FF">eye</span>]] [[User talk:Raltseye|prata med mej]] 22:46, 26 August 2018 (UTC)
:::Turns out I forgot to do it yesterday, so I added the last two links now. Whoops.
:::Ok I mean I guess that makes sense, although in this case, I cannot add the translation notice because it's not really a translation, but rather the name of the song as someone else translated it. Thus, I'm keeping it with just the link and original name (i.e. "Open My Eyes" in the Czech and linking to the Czech themes). ~[[User:KingisNitro|'''KingisNitro''']] <small>([[User talk:KingisNitro|talk]])</small> 09:06, 27 August 2018 (UTC)