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Czech themes
:::::::::I meant that some of the songs' articles might not have the Czech theme listed, not sure if I checked that. They should be there.
:::::::::That's a similar situation as between Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish as we all understand each other in writing, only difference is spelling and some words. In Speech however only Swedes and Norwegians understand eachother since Danish pronounciation is, degenerated so to speak :P --[[User:Raltseye|<span style="color:#FF6464">R</span><span style="color:#11BB11">alts</span><span style="color:#6464FF">eye</span>]] [[User talk:Raltseye|prata med mej]] 21:42, 26 August 2018 (UTC)
::::::::::Yeah it's a lot like that, I believe. (Had a Danish friend so I know a bit.)
::::::::::Altho, a question, some songs don't have actual Czech names listed (Open My Eyes, Every Side of Me & Soul-Heart). Do we add those on the song's English page (like [[Open My Eyes]]) into "In Other Languages" (as in, Czech - Open My Eyes) with a link to the list of themes, or should we leave it empty because there's no Czech translation? Is the question clear or... ~[[User:KingisNitro|'''KingisNitro''']] <small>([[User talk:KingisNitro|talk]])</small> 22:17, 26 August 2018 (UTC)