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List of glitches in Generation III

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Stuck audio bug: Pretty bad quality but at least it works
If {{m|Thunder}} or {{m|Thunderbolt}} are used during {{pkmn|battle}} with the [[Battle effects|effects]] enabled, the sound of the [[move]]s may get stuck until the game is rebooted. This is related to the [[#Stuck audio freeze|stuck audio freeze]] glitch.
{{YouTubeEmbed|4t1G6hO-TPQnuM1z9fXnzc|channel/UC99De9prysgGZ7NwDfgMjnAUCNmXIQ8BfbUTKC8T_Fp2T9w|name=MaryGuppieniwa SVon Creeper|electric}}
===Vital Throw details error===