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Expected to happen in a Gen VI era anime
* [[Poké TV]]: ''Pokémon Unbelievable'' featuring [[gender]] [[List of Pokémon with gender differences|differences]] of {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} in the [[Kalos]] [[region]], specifically {{p|Meowstic}} and {{p|Pyroar}}.
* [[Ash's Pikachu]], along with [[Clemont's Bunnelby]], [[Serena's Braixen]], and [[Ash's Frogadier]] (which appear as {{p|Diggersby}}, {{p|Delphox}}, and {{AP|Froakie}}, respectively, in a dream) narrate the preview for the [[XY098|next episode]].
* This episode marks the first appearance of a female Pyroar in the {{pkmn|anime}}.