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Suddenly, she gets a call from Professor Oak on her [[Pokégear]]. Professor Oak states that he is aware of the unusual events near [[Cianwood City]] and has called to check on Crystal. Crystal tells him about everything that has happened to her lately, including the part about losing Yellow. Oak informs her that there is a meteorological crew on the way, and he will tell them to look for Yellow. He also needs her to go to the [[Indigo Plateau]], and says that he was also going to ask Gold to go, but has been unable to reach him and could be anywhere. However, Crystal reveals, he is standing right next to her.
Meanwhile, Silver flies high above the island chain and lands on the southernmost isle, which is the only one that he and Gold have not visited. Its crag houses a whirlpool and at the back of which is a roaring waterfall. Touching down, Silver sends out {{TP|Silver|Gyarados}}, {{p|Kingdra}}, and {{TP|Silver|Feraligatr}} and orders them to use {{m|Whirlpool}}, {{m|Waterfall}}, and {{m|Surf}}, respectively. Using Feraligatr, Silver sails over the calmed pool and steps through the parted fall into what appears to be a man-made chamber. "I'm back," he declares, dropping onto one of his knees. From the darkness comes a voice affirming the place hidden to all except those with three {{type|Water}} Pokémon with a precise combination of talents. {{adv|Lance}} then steps forward, congratulating Silver on reaching the chamber.
==Major events==