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A call suddenly comes through from {{an|Giovanni}} and [[Matori]]. Matori is quick to point out Team Rocket have been making slow progress. In the midst of the scolding, Jessie whispers to Meowth that she has an idea to set the record straight, then announces the trio's plan to use [[Z-Move]]s. Matori states that in order to use a Z-Move, a person needs a [[Z-Ring]], only obtainable from an Island Kahuna, and she asks Giovanni for a possible lead. Giovanni states that the trio should go to [[Ula'ula Island]] to meet [[Nanu]], the Island Kahuna and a past acquaintance of his. With that order, Team Rocket head for Ula'ula Island.
To avoid Bewear interrupting their plans, Team Rocket sets up hand-sewn puppets of themselves, as well as tape recorders that repeat the same sentences. Upon hearing the tape recorders, Bewear doesn't bother to check on Team Rocket and continues to collect fruit from the surrounding forest. Meanwhile, [[Acerola]] reads a fairy-tale, ''The Greedy LapooRapooh'', to [[Pico]] and {{OBP|Nene|Alola}}. The story is about a greedy spirit which steals items from people, but is eventually stopped when sealed away by the Island Kahuna. A {{Shiny}} Mimikyu nicknamed Mimi-tan floats around as Acerola reads the book.
Meanwhile, Team Rocket is walking through the forest. Meowth pulls out a bag containing some Mixed Fruits Malasada, a new product and offering to get the trio their Z-Ring. The trio stumble upon the Po Town Police Station. The trio and Wobbuffet quickly get changed into tourist outfits to avoid suspicion. They go on to open the police station's doors, and inside, they uncover a horde of Alolan Meowth. The group immediately spots Meowth's bag of food and resorts to attacking Team Rocket. After a brief squabble, the Alolan Meowth begin eating the Mixed Fruit Malasadas outside, while the disturbance wakes up Nanu. Upon losing their offering to the Island Kahuna, the trio decides to retreat to prepare another present. Nanu queries the group's intentions before stating that the Island Kahuna is on a martial arts training adventure for anywhere between a week to upwards of a year. Shocked, Team Rocket leaves in disappointment.
Meanwhile, Acerola agrees to take Nene and Pico to see the Greedy LapooRapooh's tomb. Elsewhere, Team Rocket are discussing amongst themselves how to get a Z-Ring. Jessie proclaims the group needs to get a Z-Ring no matter what. In the process, she forcefully puts her foot on an ancient tombstone with a red string around it, causing it to shatter. The Greedy LapooRapooh emerges from the tomb and it's revealed to be a {{p|Gengar}}, who scares Team Rocket and steals their Darkium-Z.
Acerola, Mimi-tan, Nene, and Pico stumble upon the scene. Before they can run, the Gengar blocks the fleeing group in their tracks. Acerola blocks Gengar from scaring the two children, and in response, it quickly picks Acerola up and flies into the clouds; Team Rocket and Mimi-tan follow. Gengar resorts to stealing more items in a frenzy, including a {{p|Drampa}}'s berries, a golden [[nugget]] from a man by a lake, and a {{p|Blissey}}'s Lucky Egg. It also scares a wild {{p|Murkrow}} and {{p|Salandit}}. Acerola is still clinging on to Gengar, trying to get it to stop causing trouble. Suddenly, Mimi-tan arrives and engages Gengar in battle. Mimi-tan's repeated {{m|Shadow Claw}} attacks fail, going through Gengar's body. Gengar throws Mimi-tan into the air out of frustration, and Acerola jumps off Gengar's back in an attempt to grab it. Gengar's attempt to capture the falling Acerola fails, and she continues to free-fall through tree branches, eventually hitting the ground.
<!--[[File:WTP SM073.png|thumb|200px|Who's That Pokémon?]]-->
[[Who's That Pokémon?]]: <!--{{p|Pokémon}} ''(US and international)'',--> {{p|Gengar}} ''(Japan)''
* {{p|Pikachu}} ({{OP|Ash|Pikachu}})
* {{p|Meowth}} ({{TRM}})
* {{p|Meowth}} ([[Nanu]]'s; [[Regional variant|Alola Form]]; multiple)
* {{p|Bewear}} ({{an|Bewear|anime}})
* {{p|Gengar}} (Greedy LapooRapooh)
* {{p|Blissey}}
* {{p|Drampa}}