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Both Ash and May call for it to be done, so Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee get ready to use {{m|Focus Punch}}. They launch at each other, but suddenly the roof caves in. Team Rocket makes their entrance and recites their {{motto}}. Their mecha looks like two massive bowls of noodles attached at the bottom, with wheels and one mechanical arm holding a pair of chopsticks and the other holding a net with Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee inside. Ash and May tell them to let the Pokémon go, but Team Rocket turns and begins to make their getaway. Terri releases her {{p|Hitmontop}} to use {{m|Rapid Spin}} to break the net, releasing the two Pokémon. Terri tells it to then use {{m|Mega Kick}}, which destroys the top half of the mecha and leaves Team Rocket vulnerable in the cockpit. Ash then has Pikachu use {{m|Thunderbolt}}, blowing up the mecha and sending Team Rocket blasting off again.
After the destructive interruption, Terri asks Kyle why making noodles is so important. He says it all started with a bowl of noodles his dad made for him when he was younger. He wanted to make noodles just like his father's and run a successful business, showing everyone that he is capable of perfection. Master Hamm realizes his son's dream and gives his blessing for Kyle to pursue his dreams. Father and son apologize and embrace one another, and Master Hamm says that all he wanted was for Kyle to be happy. Kyle asks what is going to happen now, with the Dojo still without a foreseeable future. Terri then offers to take over the Dojo for Master Hamm, which has always been her dream. He accepts and jokingly suggests that she call it "Dojo-a-Go-Go", but Max thinks that the joke is a "no-go." Ash asks Master Hamm to finally reveal his dream, and he says that he wants to travel the world selling noodles from a mobile stand. Kyle likes the idea, but asks that he make the same noodles that inspired him before he leaves. Master Hamm agrees and then makes noodles for everyone. After eating the delicious noodles, Ash and his friends bid the others farewell and head off to the Battle Arena.
==Major events==