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* The Japanese title of the episode is a reference to the slogan of [[New Bark Town]].
* The English dub of this episode first aired exactly one year after the original did in Japanese.
* In the dub, {{an|Misty}} reveals that {{Ash}} slept in until four4:00 PM in the [[EP001|first episode]], while Misty doesn't specify any time in the Japanese original version.
* This episode's dub title is a reference to the old advertising {{wp|slogan}} "don't touch that dial!"
* This is the only time that the first episode of a region aired before the game the region corresponds to was released in Japan; {{game|Gold and Silver|s}} were not released in Japan until more than a month after this episode's first airing.
** Coincidentally, this is the only time that music from a new [[generation]] premieres '''after''' the opening episode of its respective region. Instead, the music debuts in ''[[EP123|Spinarak Attack]]'', the first episode to air after the release of Gold and Silver in Japan.
* This episode is featured on ''Volume 16: Totodile'' from [[Viz Media]]'s {{OBP|Pokémon All-Stars|Region 1}} series.
* This episode is featured on ''Pokémon All-Stars: Totodile'' from {{wp|Magna Pacific}}'s {{OBP|Pokémon All-Stars|Region 4}} series.
* The book [[Go West, Young Ash]] is based on this episode.
* When [[Professor Elm]] talks to {{an|Professor Oak}}, he mentions an article in a magazine called {{DL|Magazines in the Pokémon world|National Pokégraphic}}, which is a reference to the real-life magazine ''{{wp|National Geographic (magazine)|National Geographic}}''.
* In the original dub of this episode, as well as a few episodes later in season[[S03|the 3third season]], the [[Who's That Pokémon]] segment displayed the same graphics used in season[[S01|the 1first]] and season[[S02|second 2seasons]]. ButHowever, this was changed in the newer dubs that re-aired later on in the same year as it originally aired.
* In the {{pmin|Finland|Finnish}} dub, the first eight episodes of the third season had rather poor sound mixmixing, as some of the lines were too loud and the others were fairly quiet, and the English dub soundtrack may be silently audible in the background.
* Music from ''[[PK01|Pikachu's Vacation]]'' and ''[[M01|Mewtwo Strikes Back]]'' can be heard in this episode.
* In one scene, when [[James]] was going to make a phone call, he did not have any gloves for a second. In the next scene, he had gloves as usual.
* Towards the end, when {{Ash}}'s Pokémon all attack at once, {{AP|Bulbasaur}} uses {{m|Razor Leaf}}, but the sound for {{m|Vine Whip}} can be heard.
* When the plaster cast is made of Team Rocket's footprints, the prints are indents in the plaster, when really they should be protruding from the cast.
* In the scene where all of Ash's Pokémon defeat Team Rocket, {{AP|Charizard}}'s wings are completely orange. In the next scene, they are back to normal.
* In the European Portuguese dub, when Ash is naming the Kanto starters, he says Charizard instead of Charmander.
* In the {{pmin|the Netherlands|Dutch}} dub, [[Jessie]] calls her {{pTP|Jessie|Lickitung}} "[[Jessie's Lickitung|Lickingtung]]".
* [[Pokémon Karaokémon]]: [[You & Me & Pokémon]]
* Misty's claim that they may find another Pokémon like {{p|Suicune|the one they saw}} in the woods was originally her wondering what the Pokémon was.
* Ash asking about an entrance fee for the [[Johto League]] was in the dub only.
* Professor Oak's "They always call in the middle of my soap operas" line was originally just him saying, "Hello, this is the Oak Laboratory."
* The dub omitted [[Professor Elm]]'s mention that the [[Starter Pokémon|starter trio]] Ash had with him are given out in Pallet Town.
* Ash mentioning [[Gary Oak]] was dub-added.
* The dub implies that the {{pkmn|Trainer}} that {{p|Totodile}} will receive is female, whereas the Japanese version doesn't state the gender of the Trainer picking up Totodile. Interestingly, later in the anime, a female Trainer named {{jo|Marina}} is seen with a Totodile that she received from Professor Elm.
* Originally, Professor Elm doesn't specify when Totodile's Trainer would show up.