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'''Julián Rebolledo''' (born 1972) is an American actor and voice actor for the English dub of the [[Pokémon anime]]. He co-owns the New York City dubbing studio "Shut Up and Talk" with [[Sean Reyes]]. In addition, Rebolledo has provided voice-overs for many television shows and commercials, and has also done some on-camera roles.
==Pokémon roles==
His largest role in the Pokémon anime is that of [[Paul]].
===Voices on PokémonMajor===
* [[Paul]]
* One of [[Professor Rowan|Professor Rowan's]] assistants ([[DP001]])
* One of [[Professor Rowan|Professor Rowan's]]'s assistants ([[DP001]])
* Museum researcher ([[DP017]])
==Famous non-Pokémon roles==
* Jake Morgendorffer (''{{wp|Daria}}'')
* Various characters (''{{wp|Dora the Explorer}}'', ''{{wp|Go, Diego, Go!}}'', ''{{wp|Dora and Friends: Into the City!}}'')
* Don (''{{wp|Regular Show}}'')
===On camera===
* Lt. Orra (''{{wp|Law & Order}}'')
* Reverend Jeffries (''{{wp|One Life to Live}}'')
===Video game roles===
* Jake Morgendorffer (''{{wp|Daria's Inferno}}'')
* Raul Passos (''{{wp|Max Payne 3}}'')
==External links==
* [https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/people.php?id=82478 Anime News Network]