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Sunkern (Pokémon)

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*Sunkern has the lowest base {{stat|HP}} of all {{type|Grass}} Pokémon, is tied with {{p|Lotad}} for the lowest base {{stat|Defense}} stat of all {{type|Grass}} Pokémon, is tied with {{p|Bellsprout}} and {{p|Seedot}} for the lowest base {{stat|Special Defense}} stat of all {{type|Grass}} Pokémon, and has the lowest base stat total of all Grass-type Pokémon.
*Sunkern shares its {{pkmn|category}} name with {{p|Bulbasaur}} and its evolutions. They are all known as the Seed Pokémon.
*Sunkern's official artwork more closely resembled its Shiny form in {{2v2|Gold|Silver}} than its regular form. This was somewhat rectified in Crystal, although the artwork was still more similar to its Shiny sprite; this discrepancy was fully rectified in [[Generation III]].