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Programs in Pokémon Emerald only: found more programs
=====Programs in Pokémon Emerald only=====
The following TV shows are only available in {{game|Emerald}} after record mixing:
*'''What's No. 1 in Hoenn Today?''' - recorded after a player completes a quantifiable achievement, such as the number of battles won.
*'''3 Cheers for Pokéblocks''' - recorded after a player makes [[Pokéblocks]] at [[Lilycove City]] [[Contest Hall]] with another Trainer they mixed records with.
*'''Trainer Fan Club''' - recorded after a player enters the [[Hall of Fame]]. There is also a "Trainer Special" episode broadcast after the player is interviewed by a boy in the [[Pokémon Trainer Fan Club]] who is a fan of another [[Trainer]] the player mixed records with.
*'''Dewford Trend-Watcher Network''' - recorded after a player successfully or unsuccessfully changes the trendy saying at [[Dewford Town]].
*'''Hoenn Treasure Investigators''' - recorded after a player finds a hidden item anywhere in the [[Hoenn region]].
*'''Secret Base SecretsVisit''' - recorded after athe player visitsmixes therecords with another [[Secret BaseTrainer]] ofthat anotherhas a [[TrainerSecret Base]], and the player mixedhas recordsyet withto visit another Trainer's Secret Base. The program involves an interviewer visiting the Trainer's Secret Base, and battling their Pokémon.
*'''Secret Base Secrets''' - recorded after a player visits the Secret Base of another [[Trainer]] the player mixed records with.
*'''The Pokémon Battle Seminar''' - recorded after a player used a "not very effective" move in battle with another [[Trainer]].
*'''Safari Fan Club''' - recorded after a player entered the Safari Game at the [[Hoenn Safari Zone]].