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Taunt (move)

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Taunt makes the afflicted Pokémon unable to use [[status move]]s. The effect lasts two turns or until the subject is switched out. Unlike most status moves, Taunt will affect a target with a {{m|substitute}}. On the turn that Taunt is used, if the Pokémon using Taunt goes before the target and the target selected a status move that turn, the target's move will fail. If a Pokémon that only knows status moves is taunted, or is taunted after using a status move and holding a [[In-battle effect item#Choice items|Choice item]], then it will be forced to use {{m|Struggle}}.
Taunt can also be used as part of a [[Contest combination|Pokémon Contest combination]], causing {{m|Counter}}, {{m|Detect}}, and {{m|Mirror Coat}} to give extra two appeal points if used in the next turn.
===Generation IV===