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* In this movie, Team Rocket uses a dub-only [[Team Rocket mottos#Good version|variation]] of their motto.
** This is also the only movie in which Team Rocket recites a variation of the motto and one of the few in which they actually recite a full motto.
* Four of the movie's characters, {{OBP|Melody|M02}}, [[Carol]], [[Maren]], and [[Professor Ivy]], each share their Japanese voice actresses with one character from the anime ''{{wp|Sailor Moon}}''. Melody's voice actress, [[Akiko Hiramatsu]], voiced the villain Calaveras in the ''Sailor Moon R'' arc. Carol's voice actress, {{wp|Aya Hisakawa}}, voiced {{wp|Ami Mizuno|Sailor Mercury}}. Maren's voice actress, [[Kotono Mitsuishi]], voiced {{wp|Usagi Tsukino|Sailor Moon}} herself, and Professor Ivy's voice actress, [[List of Japanese voice actors|Keiko Han]], voiced {{wp|Cats (Sailor Moon)|Luna}} and {{wp|Queen Beryl}}.
* Ash follows up on the agreement he made with his mother at the end of the film after every [[region]], visiting [[Pallet Town]] before heading off to his next destination.
** In addition, Ash and Misty both directly reference the events of this movie upon meeting Silver during the Whirl Islands arc, where they recognize it as a Lugia and explicitly mention that they had previously encountered it during the Orange Islands.