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#redirect'''Andrew [[ListPaull''' ofis Englisha voice actorsactor for the English dub of the [[Pokémon anime]].
Paull became affiliated with [[4Kids Entertainment]] as a voice actor and worked in a few productions. He started working with the Pokémon anime during the {{series|Advanced Generation}}, and his best-known role was as [[Steven Stone]]. Due to the [[Pokémon USA recasting controversy]], Paull was initially unable to continue work on that show due to his ties with 4Kids. When [[The Pokémon Company International|Pokémon USA]] switched dubbing studios to [[DuArt Film & Video]], this allowed Paull to reprise his role as Steven during the {{series|XY}}.
==Pokémon roles==
* [[Steven Stone]]
* [[Brodie]]
* One of the [[Gym Badge thieves]]
* {{DL|Kimmy Shoney|Tokin}}
* {{p|Combusken}}
==Other non-Pokémon roles==
* Conklin (''{{wp|Yu-Gi-Oh! GX}}'')
* Additional Voices (''{{wp|Viva Piñata (TV series)|Viva Piñata}}'')
* Dracule Mihawk (''{{wp|One Piece}}'')
==External links==
* [ Anime News Network]
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