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As the team continues to walk, the same silhouette is seen behind a rock. Pikachu catches a glimpse and looks over, which catches Ash's attention. Ash turns around to check, though he sees nothing suspicious. Eventually, the team reaches their destination, a hidden bay on the island's desolate northern shore. The crew and their Pokémon start to excavate. As Ash, Tracey, Pikachu, and {{TP|Misty|Togepi}} dig, several boulders start falling onto them. Nurse Joy commands Rhydon to use {{m|Horn Drill}}, which shatters the boulders.
Afterwards, Misty mentions that she thinks that someone is responsible for all of the incidents. Tracey refutes her claims and clarifies that the island is supposed to be deserted. Just then, the silhouette is seen running from behind a tree; Pikachu notices and starts chasing after him. Ash follows suit and ends up jumping on the man, bringing them both to the ground. As the rest of the crew catches up, the identity of the man is revealed to be [[Umberto]]. He sternly tells them to leave the island, and admits that he has been pushing the boulders onto them, clarifying that he was only trying to keep them out of harm's way.
Umberto then tells them of an ancient prophecy, which implies that anyone who comes to the island to disturb the Kabuto will cause the island to be swallowed up by the sea. At that moment, an explorer comes running into the forest, ecstatic from finding another Kabuto fossil. He leads the others into a cave, where they find walls of Kabuto fossils at the other end. Just then, Team Rocket arrives, causing the cavern walls to crumble. James then throws a bomb that gets passed around until Ash catches it and throws it at the wall of Kabuto fossils. The fossils then explode off the wall, allowing Team Rocket to wrap them up in a net. As the trio tries to get away in their hot-air balloon, the Kabuto suddenly come to life as moonlight hits them. One ends up popping Team Rocket's balloon, which leads to them blasting off.