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Once both sides have selected the moves they will use, the Pokémon currently in battle will make each of their moves in turn, with the Pokémon with the highest {{stat|Speed}} stat going first, and the one with the lowest Speed stat going last, unless {{m|Trick Room}} has been used, in which case the slowest Pokémon will go first. Depending on the moves used, items held by individual Pokémon, and [[status condition]]s, this progression may be altered, with moves like {{m|Quick Attack}} having an increased [[priority]] and items like the [[Iron Ball]] slowing down the Pokémon that holds it.
As each Pokémon makes its move, a Pokémon may [[fainting|faint]] if its {{stat|HP}} reaches 0. If this occurs, another Pokémon must be switched in to replace it in battle for the battle to continue. This switch occurs before the turn ends in Generations {{Gen|I}}, {{Gen|II}}, and {{Gen|III}}, but after the end of the turn in [[Generation IV]] and on, resulting in a slightly different strategy for Double Battles between Generation III and Generation IV.
Until Generation IV, it has also been possible to switch the order of a Pokémon's moves during battle by using the <sc>select</sc> button twice. In Generation I, this is the only way to switch move orders.
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