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Extreme Evoboost (move)

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Effect: Stat boosts from Z-Moves are usually unaffected by Simple and Contrary, but that's because they're being added on to a status move's effect. Extreme Evoboost is a move unto itself; does that make it an exception?
{{MoveResearch|Is Extreme Evoboost affected by {{a|Simple}} or {{a|Contrary}}?}}
Extreme Evoboost increases the user's {{stat|Attack}}, {{stat|Defense}}, {{stat|Special Attack}}, {{stat|Special Defense}}, and {{stat|Speed}} stats by two stages each. Extreme Evoboost will be unable to increase a stat that is already at +6; if all stats are at +6, Extreme Evoboost can still be executed, but will be unable to increase any stat.