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===Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon===
The trial begins as soon as the player walks through the trial gates; however, they can leave at any time, although this will reset the trial.
In this trial, Sophocles uses two of his inventions in order to summon the Totem Pokémon. The first invention, the "Roller", requires the player to align three groups of three {{p|Charjabug}} in a straight line using a set of rotating panels, which can be rotated counter-clockwise by pushing one of the buttons at its corners. Once a Charjabug line has been formed, Sophocles uses their electricity to power up his second invention, the "Pinger", in order to call the Totem Pokémon. However, after the first and second Charjabug lines have been formed, the electricity instead lures in a wild {{t|Electric}} Pokémon, which the player must defeat in a battle to proceed. The player is allowed to heal their Pokémon in between these battles.
After the third Charjabug line has been formed, the Pinger gets too much power, causing the cables feeding it electricity and holding it in its place to detach and the device turn to to point at the Charjabug, threatening to blast them. [[Sophocles's Togedemaru]], Togemaru, steps in and attempts to use her {{a|Lightning Rod}} [[Ability]] to save everyone from the incoming blast of electricity, but she's unable to contain the entire blast. Just then, {{pkmn|Totem}} {{p|Togedemaru}} appears and jumps in, absorbing the remaining electricity with its own Lightning Rod before challenging the player.
In the battle with Totem Togedemaru, it will call {{p|Skarmory}} on its first turn, and call {{p|Dedenne}} if its HP is below approximately 2/3 (if the ally Skarmory has been defeated). If its HP drops below approximately 2/3 before it has a chance to call an ally, it will call Dedenne first, then call Skarmory at the first opportunity after Dedenne has fainted. Once an ally is defeated, Totem Togedemaru cannot call it again.
Hokulani Observatory is a celestial research center that, with the help of Pokémon like {{p|Charjabug}} and {{p|Togedemaru}}, views and studies distant planets and galaxies. In addition to {{wp|Visible spectrum|visible light}}, the observatory also studies celestial objects using all sorts of other wavelengths, like {{wp|infrared}} and radio waves.
In [[Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon]], after the {{player}} has cleared the trial here, a {{tc|Scientist}} occupies the trial room and starts hosting a series of progressively harder Charjabug puzzles using Sophocles's Roller. Unlike the ones during the trial, these puzzles have a limited amount of moves for the player to use per try. If the player fails to solve a puzzle in time, it will be reset. Solving all the puzzles rewards the player with a [[PP Max]].
==In the anime==
[[File:Hokulani Observatory anime.png|thumb|250px|Hokulani Observatory in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
The Hokulani Observatory first appeared in a picture shown by {{an|Sophocles}} in ''[[SM067|Love at First Twirl!]]'' during a class report. It is run by Sophocles's cousin [[Molayne]].
The observatory made its physical debut in [[SM079]], where {{Ash}}, {{ashcl}}, and [[Professor Kukui]] traveled there to meet Molayne and to witness multiple {{p|Minior}} showers falling from the sky aslike shooting stars. During their stay, [[Ash's Poipole]] bonded with one Minior, but was left heartbroken when it disappeared later.
In the anime, a place called [[Starshower Hill]] is located near the observatory, named as such due to the numerous Minior that fall down there.
[[File:Hokulani Observatory Adventures.png|thumb|250px|Hokulani Observatory in Pokémon Adventures]]
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
Hokulani Observatory first appeared in the {{chap|Sun & Moon}}. A group of [[Ultra BeastsBeast]]s were summoned from their homeworlds at [[Po Town]] but eventually broke free, allowing them to cause havoc and destruction on the various locations on Ula'ula Island. [[Sophocles]] and [[Molayne]] used the observatory as a shelter to house any innocent civilians that were caught up in the chaos caused by the rampaging beasts. Due to the possibility that the observatory could also be attacked eventually, Sophocles decided to use an invention designed to lure Totem Pokémon to guide the Ultra Beasts away.
* In [[Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon]], the {{p|Magnemite}} in the far left end of the corridor speaks in morse code, saying ''"Boop-bee boop-bee-boop-boop bee-bee-bee boop-bee-boop-boop boop-beeeeee!"'' If every "boop" is considered as a dot, and every "bee" is considered as a dash, this translates to ''"ALOLA!"''
* In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, a {{tc|Scientist}} at the lobby asks what is the {{wp|Magnitude (astronomy)|magnitude}} of a star that's 10 times brighter than a fifth magnitude star. Although he will give the player a [[Stardust]] regardless of their answer, the correct answer is 0.5, as a celestial object's magnitude is lower the brighter it is.
Hokulani Observatory may be based on the {{wp|Mauna Kea Observatories}}, a set of observatories located on {{wp|Mauna Kea}}, the tallest mountain on Hawaii.
==In other languages==