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Dub edits
* When Oak encounters Delia, he identifies her by name in the dub, while in the Japanese version, he instead identifies her as "Satoshi's mom," owing to Japanese convention of how women when they become mothers are always identified as someone's mom, even when the child isn't around.
* When discovering that snow is occurring, Delia originally guessed that it was cherry blossoms, before realizing it was actually snow. The dub has her initially guess correctly that it was snow.
* In the scene where the heroes arrive at Shamouti Island and encounter the nativesresidents, Maren and Carol's background, specifically that they had gone to the [[Mandarin Island]] branch school and hadn't seen each other for five years, was cut. In addition, the Japanese version makes it explicit that the role of festival maiden is meant for children, something that the dub does not make clear.
* When meeting Misty, Melody tells her to try and not get jealous in a slightly snooty tone in the dub, while in the original, she instead says "Don't get so worked up! But y'know, to follow him all the way out here...I'd have to say you have pretty good taste." She also identifies Misty by name in the same scene before even being told her name in the dub, something that doesn't happen in the Japanese version.
** On a related note, Melody's banter to Misty was more friendly in the Japanese version than in the dub.