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May's Venusaur

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Kanto Battle Frontier: May's Pokémon have nothing to do with the Battle Frontier. // These headers are named after series and regions, not arcs or sagas of the anime. The Battle Frontier arc is not even an official one, it is completely fan-made.
Bulbasaur also competed in the Battle Round of the [[Hoenn Grand Festival]]. In ''[[AG123|Rhapsody in Drew]]'', she was called out to battle along with {{TP|May|Beautifly}} against Harley's Cacturne and {{p|Banette}}. Together they managed to defeat their opponents and advance May to the next round.
====Kanto Battle Frontier====
In ''[[AG133|The Right Place and the Right Mime]]'', Bulbasaur was shown to be one of the Pokémon May decided to bring with her when she traveled through the [[Kanto]] region. Bulbasaur reunited with Ash's Bulbasaur when May made a stop at Professor Oak's Lab to meet up with Ash. The two Bulbasaur were later used in a battle against Team Rocket, where May's Bulbasaur was impressed by Ash's Bulbasaur's skill. May decided to leave Bulbasaur at Professor Oak's Lab so she could learn more from Ash's Bulbasaur. Eventually, after journeying to the [[Johto]] [[region]], May got Bulbasaur back from {{an|Professor Oak}}, and during her time away from Ash, she [[Evolution|evolved]] twice, into {{p|Ivysaur}} and {{p|Venusaur}}.